Background and History
Company data
JEMATIC ApS is situated in Brøndby a suburb of Copenhagen in Denmark - just 20 minutes from Copenhagen

VAT. No. DK 26 59 35 49

Bank information:

Danske Bank
Reg No. 3409
Account No. 3312 176289

The company started in the name Grafisk Reparation & Service ApS back in 1979 with Jerry Malling Olesen, as a service company for the graphic industry. In 1991 the first 4 head corner rounder was born, and from that day the company was more and more dedicated to the production of corner rounding machines.

In the year 2002 JEMATIC ApS was founded, and Jerry Malling Olesen sold the company to Jens H Nielsen.

The founder Jens H Nielsen, were long time working in a large Danish electronic and machine building company, designing various electronic and electromechanical products before starting JEMATIC ApS. Among the experiences were those of manufacturing machines for printing, packaging and other machines for the graphic industry.

Corner rounding machines from small tabletop single cut machines, to 4 head full or semi automatic systems for big production.

JEMATIC ApS provide a range of services including equipment design, mechanical developments and much more. Check out the Services section for further details. Services

JEMATIC ApS believes that the customer should have the best equipment, with the minimum of trouble and production stops.

JEMATIC ApS take great pride in keeping a high level of service, and it is our policy to support our business partners and the users of our products in the best possible way.

Management are provided by the founder and sole owner.
Jens H. Nielsen